Expert Witness

Expert Witness/ Behaviour AssessementsBehaviour assessements for:

  • Dogs seized under Section 3 of Dangerous Dogs Act 1991
  • Behaviour assessments for court
  • Assessments for fostering and adoption agencies
  • Insurance assessments for school/ therpy dogs

Assessments include home or kennel visit, written report and expert witness appearance in court if necessary.

LegalAn Expert Witness is a professional person who can be used to explain anything within their area of expertise to the courts. I can be instructed by either the prosecution or defence but my duty to the court and remain truthful and impartial

Assessments can be for:

If your dog has:

  • Bitten someone
  • Alleged to have bitten someone
  • Has been seized by the police
  • Any potential charges being brought against you under Section 3 of Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

I can support you and your dog for the best possible outcome, through the legal process.
I will provide you and your legal team with a comprehensive behaviour assessment, home visit, if necessary and appearance in court as an expert witness for dogs, if required.
I am a member of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses and will travel to any location in the UK

AssessmentsDuring the foster and adoption process, it can become necessary to assess the household pets to determine if there are any potential risks for children.

Assessments can be for:

  • Adoption and foster agencies
  • Insurance purposes for dogs going to schools or therapy dogs
  • Assessments for custody/ childcare disputes
  • Social care

A comprehensive report is provided that can be used in court if necessary.