Behavioural Consultations

Behavioural Consultations

We help owners cope with a huge array of behavioural issues from aggression- dog to dog/ dog to human, resource guarding, separation anxiety, compulsive behaviours and more.

Aggressive or Reactive Dogs

Dogs who are struggling with people, other dogs or with life in general, for whatever reason, can make life with our companions feel difficult. We can help you manage and change aggressive behaviour and start to enjoy life with your dog again.

Aggressive behaviour can be defined asany behaviour that threatens harm to another indivdual involving growling, barking, biting or lunging.

Learn the warning signs

Learning the early warning signs can help you spot when your dog is uncomfortable and can prevent a bite.

  • Lip lick or yawning
  • Whites of eyes
  • Growling
  • Freezing or avoidance
  • Lip curling

Get a health check

Any sudden change of behaviour should be checked out by a veterinary surgeon to rule out a medical reason. Pain is a common cause of aggressive behaviour.

Avoid Punishment

Punishing a dog for aggression will usually backfire. You may temporarily suppress the behaviour but the emotional response to the trigger hasn’t changed. The behaviour may well return, even worse.

“Walks had become a nightmare, we dreaded the daily walk as Jazz was so reactive to people, dogs, bikes and cars. We went with the behaviour package and received so much support, Emma was able to help us enjoy walks again. We are going out regularly as a family now and have even braved a pub lunch with Jazz!”
— David and Emily with Jazz the Border Collie

Dog to Dog Aggression

Many dogs react aggressively towards other dogs. Barking on the lead, lunging, biting or nipping, it can make walks stressful and more difficult to manage.

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Dog to Human Aggression

Having a dog who reacts to other people can not only make walks difficult but also having people over to your home.

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